A Little History on our Instructor




Maryam Ebrahim is a working artist with her own studio in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Her direction as an artist was clear at a very young age. It is for this reason that Maryam attended an art high school and received a Graphic Diploma Design ,a year after  she taught elementary students  fundamentals of drawing and the Persian calligraphy. A graduate of a four year fine arts degree from the university of Tehran, she immigrated to Canada with her family in 1999.  The rich tapestry of her background lends inspiration to her paintings. Colours and the combinations of them guides and inspires her work. Maryam works mostly with acrylic paints creating abstract paintings, landscapes and floral. For over twenty years, Maryam has been passing on her passion for painting to her students thru her patient guidance and her teachings of painting principles. She believes in nurturing and developing her students individual talent, rather than imposing her style of painting on them. It's her students interpretation of her work and the work of other artists that she interested in developing in her classes and workshops. Working diligently in her craft, Maryam, has over the years created hundred pieces of art and  participated in many art exhibits and shows in Toronto and overseas. She has to date sold many of her unique paintings to private collectors locally in the U.S. and Germany.















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